Stanford Personal Robotics Program

Develop platform technology for research and development where robots do mobile manipulation tasks in human environments

Prototype mobile manipulation development platform
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  • Paper - K. Wyrobek, E. Berger, H.F.M. Van der Loos, K. Salisbury, "Towards a Personal Robotics Development Platform: Rationale and Design of an Intrinsically Safe Personal Robot," 2008 IEEE ICRA, May 19-23, 2008

    The PR2 Robot is now in production at Willow Garage.

    Open Source Robot Operating System (ROS)
    ROS code, tutorials and documentation is available at

    Graduate Students
  • Eric Berger - CS
  • Keenan Wyrobek - ME
  • Prof. Kenneth Salisbury

    In Collaboration With
    Stanford Artificial Intelligence Robot Project

    The robot is being teleoperated in these videos.

  • The robot is being teleoperated in these videos.